Starter Guides

Renters Insurance

All tenants must provide proof of their tenant insurance, the policy confirmation page is acceptable. The landlord is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to tenants personal items. Tenant insurance can often be obtained through your bank or current insurance provider. Alternatively, websites such as,, and are great resources to compare rates and find the one suitable for your financial situation and apartment.

  1. TD Renter's Insurance
  2. RBC Tenant Insurance

Power & Utilities

Setup your utilities account when buying or renting a house.. Tenants with additional utilities must provide proof that the account(s) has been set up in their name. The account number suffices. Please contact them directly prior to your move in and set up the accounts as of the first day on your lease.  Please note that every building has a different provider however below are the contact details for the most common utility providers.

  1. Toronto Hydro: 416.542.8000
  2. Carma: 1.888.298.3336
  3. EnerCare-Electric: 1.866.449.4423
  4. Enbridge Gas: 1.877.736.1502

Property Cleaning

There are many troubleshooting and maintenance guides HERE on our site to assist you, however should you need us to send someone, were happy to assist. Please complete a maintenance request ticket HERE.

Tenant Registration

A few items are needed in order for us to complete the key exchange with you, there are some variation from property to property so review your lease for the specifics to your agreement. You will meet with a representative from Karbonetics to complete any forms and exchange the keys.