Water Leaking In The Refrigerator?

Most often this is caused by a blockage in the drain most commonly with food debris. This is an easy home repair if you’re comfortable to do. It can also be added to your preventative maintenance when cleaning your fridge to avoid future issues and prevent spoilage. You can view these videos for assistance. If you have a bottom freezer.

Replacing HVAC Filters

Your heat pump, fan coil and air conditioner filters trap dust and airborne allergens so you breathe clean air. The filters need changing every few months (we recommend 3-4) while you’re using the furnace or air conditioning and more frequently if you have pets. Tiny particles of dirt are pulled into the HVAC system from the air and can hurt your furnace’s heating coil and fan. Changing filters regularly also can lower your utility bills by as much as $100 a year, since dirty filters force HVAC systems to run harder and use more energy. Pay attention to the markings on the filter indicating which side must face the furnace so you will put the new one in correctly, arrows are often used to demonstrates air flow direction. Plastic framed filters typically mean they can be reused by simply vacuuming and/or washing the filter. However, make sure you allow the filter to dry completely before reinserting.

Is The Heating / AC Malfunctioning?

>FIRST -Please ensure that your filter is clean, if not you can self-clean the filter by vacuuming it. Try: Resetting the system. On the wall mounted thermostat, set temperature to plus or minus 3°C of the room’s current temperature. Next, turn switch to “off” position. Keep off for 1-2min and return to setting, Auto/fan. Wait 5min, and lower or raise temperature 2-3 more degrees till the room hits your desired setting. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us. Remember: Are you trying to lower or raise the temperature by more than 5°C? Do this slowly in stages. Generally adjust by 2-3 degrees every 5-10min, these units are not meant dramatically change the temperature, they acclimatize, gradually adjusting the temperature prevents the unit from seizing, icing up or breaking down. Is the air filter clean? It is the tenants responsibility to replace theses as required (every 4-6month) most buildings automatically replace every 6 months but more frequent changes can be required depending on your lifestyle (pets, windows open, smoking-even not in unit, candles) look for yourself. A clogged filter can also limit the heat/AC production. Many building sell replacement filters through their management office, if you have trouble please ask us. How to program a Honeywell Thermostat

Are You Experiencing a Power Shortage?

>Try: Checking the unit fuse box, has a switch flipped? Locate your electrical panel first. Go over the switches and check if any of them are in the OFF position. Switch it back to ON. If the problem still persists,  call us and we can talk you through it or send a technician  to resolve the problem. Remember: Most non-functioning items are a result a fuse tripping. Most buildings now account for modern electronics however, if you have an added 6 socket outlet added over a double outlet and plug in your laptop, stereo, TV, phone charger, hairdryer and toaster, it might all fit, but it will probably blow (please do not try yourselves!), you might not realize you are using a lot of electricity in one area or you might have never had a surge before, it still can happen so please keep this in mind.

Are Your Clothes Still Wet After Putting into the Clothes Dryer?

>Try: Checking the lint traps. There are usually 2 lint traps, one in the dryer door with a removable screen and another in the ceiling above the dryer, pull down door. Remember: The lint trap in the dryer door should be cleaned after each load, the one in the ceiling every month or so. It is very important to clean out both lint traps to ensure optimal performance of the dryer. Additionally, it is a fire safety issue.

Are You Experiencing a Leaky Faucet?

While we do not recommend tackling plumbing issues yourself, some people are more comfortable with easy home repairs. Please note dripping water from faucet could be a sign that cartridge needs to be replaced or other parts either need to be tightened or replaced. Your building superintendent could be a good source of help and direction as well as he/she probably came across this previously and know the specific faucet brand. ***NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO THIS MUST BE ADDRESSED PROMPTLY TO PREVENT DAMAGES TO YOUR SUITE AND OTHER SUITES*** Otherwise, please fill out a maintenance ticket